Lamination Machines

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Dry or Wet Laminating Machines

  1. This machine is specially designed for laminating various combination of flexible substrates for packaging with minimum labour and time.
  2. Clutch operated unwind station is provided for regulating web tension.
  3. The Machine employs both "3Roll Coating System" and "Rotogravure Coating System" for alternate use, as per job requirement
  4. Optional Chilling unit may be provided for chilling of laminated substrate to the ambient condition for proper bonding of the laminates, mainly for metallised foils.
  5. Wrinkle removing traverse system are provided for wrinkle free lamination of the materials.
  6. Rewinding units employs slip type friction clutch for uniform tension rewinding of the web.
  7. Thermostatic digital temperature controller is provided with the machine for perfect lamination at varied ambient conditions at different seasons.
  8. The drying chamber employs forced hot air for complete drying of solvent on substrate and an exhaust system for driving moisture and air out of the drying chamber.
  9. Device for static discharge provided before rewinding of laminated substrate.
  10. Lamination machines may be fabricated exclusively as dry type or wet type or both as per the requirement of customer.


  • Working Width
  • a. Wet
  • b. Dry
  • Unwinding Roll dia(max)
  • Rewinding Roll dia (max)
  • Power Requirement
  • a. Main machine drive
  • b. Blower Load
  • c. Exhaust Fan Load
  • d. Heater Load
  • 600 mm.
  • 80-100 mts/min
  • 60-80 mts/min
  • 750 mm
  • 750 mm
  • 5 H.P
  • 5 H.P
  • 3 H.P
  • 40 K.W.
  • 1000 mm.
  • 80-100 mts/min
  • 60-80 mts/min
  • 750 mm
  • 750 mm
  • 7 H.P
  • 5 H.P
  • 5 H.P
  • 60 K.W.

Sheet Fed Lamination Machines

Lamination is one of the most important necessities for all the important documents and papers which we need to preserve for years to come. Understanding these requirements and to make the works of our clients even more easier and simpler, we have brought forth in the market one of the most excellent quality sheet fed lamination machines. These sheet fed lamination machines are manufactured using high grade raw materials and are hence very long lasting and efficient. Our sheet fed lamination machines are widely being used in our country and abroad.


  1. Superb performance
  2. Supreme material quality
  3. Convenient to utilize
  4. Cost efficient and reliable.

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