Label Printing Machines

Product Details:

  • Color Printing : Yes

With growing demand of international standard garments of all sorts, labels play a vital role now-a-days. Multi-color printed fabric labels are very much in demand, which is growing day by with the market going global. But the printing industry for label printing is yet to grow full-fledged in West Bengal, and entrepreneurs may find an ever-growing market, and economically viable and commercially profitable industry, in small scale industry in particular

Special Features:

  1. Heavy duty construction to avoid any distortion in printing.
  2. A central impression cylinder ensures accurate print register.
  3. Uniform ink-flow
  4. Capable to print any type face, Line or Half tone with photo-polymer plates of 1.9 mm. thickness.
  5. Easy stereo mounting
  6. Unwinding and rewinding station placed suitably for easy operation.
  7. Simple operating principle
  8. Long trouble-free service, maintenance free.
  9. Outstanding performance.
  10. Provided with proper heating arrangement, drying chamber with air blower.
  11. Drive: 1H. P.D.C., 220 Volts / 440 Volts with speed control panel


  • Color : 01/04/11
  • Maximum Width : 75 - 102 mm.
  • Maximum Repeat Length : 235 mm.
  • Printing Speed : 40 to 50 Thousand pcs. / Hour. (50 mm per pcs.)
  • Machine Weight : 475 kgs.
  • Machine Dimension (LxWxH) : 1600 mm X 800 mm X 1750 mm.
  • Power Main Motor : 1 H. P. 220 V., D.C. / 440V. Variable speed control.
  • Blower : 0.5 H. P.
  • Heater : 2 K. W.

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